Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Time to get motivated

2014 is well underway. Unfortunately my creative juices are still on holiday. So to get motivated I have been watching some videos from the "The Dialogue" series. I can thoroughly recommend it to any writers (and directors). Check out the YouTube clips here -

They Live Among Us

Anne Lower's "They Live Among Us" web-series is about to expand. Episodes 4-6 will be released soon. I can't wait for this. I am fortunate enough to be an associate producer on this project so I am pleased to see it reach this milestone.

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Radio Free Albemuth

Congratulation to Elizabeth Karr for her Kickstarter success. The Free Radio Albemuth - Theatrical Release project reached it's $85,000 goal with a few days to spare. That is a phenomenal achievement. 

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Billy Graham biopic

I was talking to a good friend of mine about a new project she has scored. Billy Graham, the New Zealand boxer, has chosen Joyce to write the biopic of his life. Hollywood has been chasing him for the rights so it's amazing that he chose Joyce.

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